Day2 Impact Leadership Seminar

This was the closing day of the seminar

On day 2 of the Impact Leadership Seminar, coach Gabriela Mueller delved deeper into the characteristics of each personality type and ways to best influence our stakeholders, depending on their personality type. Participants received many hands on tips on body language, hand gestures and overall posture; all of which are applicable when giving presentations, being interviewed and even negotiating. As the title of the seminar indicates, the female participants were given the tools and knowledge on how to really make an Impact and make people move to achieve a common goal. The main objective of this seminar, was to empower more female leaders who aspire to take on decision making positions within our sporting community. The seminar has definitely accomplished this objective, as the participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and filled with inspiration and clarity on what their next steps will be. The group will hold itself accountable by meeting regularly and by supporting each other throughout their journey. This seminar was made possible thanks to the Olympic Solidarity Program.

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